Triumfant is Now McAfee Compatible – Our Integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

On October 5 it was announced that Triumfant had achieved McAfee Compatible status in McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance (SIA).  This status is achieved when a vendor like ourselves is able to demonstrate interoperability between McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and Resolution Manager in testing conducted by McAfee. 

So what does that mean and what level of integration and interoperability exists?  The integration with ePO is being done in phases with the first phase available today.  In the first phase, information from Resolution Manager is available through the ePO console, with drill-downs to Resolution Manager for more details on specific incidents and events.   In the next phase scheduled to be completed by year end, there will be additional integrations:

  • The ability to push out the Triumfant agents from within ePO.
  • Direct integration with the ePO event tables.  Resolution Manager will use database to database integration to move event information from Resolution Manager directly to the ePO event table.   This allows data collected by Triumfant to be a part of the integrated reporting of ePO.
  • Additional drill down capabilities from the ePO console to view to our machine status, configuration, change history, incident history, performance, and diagnosis screens.  These links provide ready access to as much data from Resolution Manager as possible into the ePO console. 

Additional phases are still being scoped and will be shaped by the needs of our customers once they put the integrations to use.  Likely additions include integration of the wealth of asset data collected by Resolution Manager to the ePO asset data stores. 

What does our integration with McAfee mean and why is it important?  We understand that companies are inundated with new interfaces, making integration points for presentation and management – the elusive single pane of glass – very important.  For McAfee customers, ePO is that integration point.  This was very apparent to me at the McAfee FOCUS 09 User Conference as most of the people who came by our booth started the conversation with a query about our ePO integration.  It was obvious that such integration was a gating factor in their decision to looking deeper into our offering. 

We have always positioned our product as a complement to traditional endpoint protection tools like McAfee, and our relationship with McAfee is a natural extension of that philosophy.  It is clear from the McAfee customers that they embrace ePO as a single point of command and control for endpoint protection, so it is an equally natural extension to integrate Resolution Manager into ePO.  I commend McAfee for their desire to build an ecosystem for their customers that includes third party vendor partners, and we are very pleased to have achieved the McAfee Compatible designation.

As always, we are happy to demonstrate our capabilities, including our integration with ePO and I invite you to contact us to set up an online demo.  I think you will see the benefits of our collaboration with McAfee and the value of adding Resolution Manager to the McAfee suite will be readily apparent.

Triumfant Elevated to McAfee’s Sales Teaming Program

Last week, McAfee announced that Triumfant had been elevated to McAfee’s invitation-only Sales Teaming Program tier in the Security Innovation Alliance (SIA).   In the words of McAfee, partners participating in the Sales Teaming Program “complement the McAfee product portfolio, and enable the McAfee sales force and channel to drive more complete security solution relationships with enterprise customers.” You can view the entire McAfee press release here.

We at Triumfant are excited about our growing relationship with McAfee and are very pleased how their partner team has been open minded about learning what our offering can do and how it can be of benefit to McAfee’s customers.  We have spoken to all of the major AV vendors in the past six months and we have found McAfee to be the most progressive in this regard, which I believe speaks volumes about their commitment to their customers and their broader security requirements. 

When we present Triumfant Resolution Manager to prospective customers, writers and analysts, we are often asked if we see our product as a replacement to traditional signature based protection.  Our answer has always been an emphatic “no” as we believe that such technology has a vital and necessary place in endpoint protection, and that Triumfant is a logical and synergistic complement to antivirus software.  To their credit, McAfee took the time to understand our position and had the vision to view Triumfant as accretive to their portfolio rather than as competitive. 

We look forward to working with McAfee more closely over the next several months as we continue to deepen our integration with both the McAfee sales team and at the product level with ePolicy Orchestrator.  McAfee’s renewed vision for endpoint security is helping them gain tremendous momentum in the market, and it is our privilege to experience some of their enthusiasm and energy as a partner.