Triumfant Added to Army IA Approved Product List

Today we are announcing that we have been added to the U.S. Army’s Information Assurance Approved Products List (AIA-APL), fresh on the heels of our announcement of our EAL2+ certification.  We are excited about these certifications because they say a lot about the quality, stability and capabilities of our product.  The tests performed by the DoD labs at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona are  rigorous.  We are pleased to have passed successfully.

These are especially important for Triumfant because they reinforce the interest and support we have gotten from the DoD and intelligence communities.  The DoD organizations are drawn to our ability to ensure that endpoint computers meet standard policies and controls on a daily basis.  They like knowing that we can detect problems and remediate these problems automatically, with the practical result of having every machine audit ready at the start of every day.   We have successfully demonstrated the ability to build a body of policies that capture the Army Golden Master and successfully enforce those policies.  We are removing unauthorized software from IMCEN at the Pentagon and they tell us that we save them $8 per computer per month.

For the intelligence community, they are drawn to our ability to detect malicious software without the need for prior knowledge of the attack or a signature.   Why?  Because they spend their days knowing that nearly every attack they see will be new and will never have a signature.  So beyond detection, they love the granular change detection that provides a wealth of knowledge to their incident response teams so they can decompose every attack.  They also like the way this granular change detection allows them to spot the work of maliciously intended insiders, because unless someone finds a way to change a machine without changing registry values and the other most basic elements of a machine, Triumfant will detect those changes.

For an emerging company like Triumfant, these certifications mean that the DoD and Intelligence organizations can feel a lot more sure about making a bet on Triumfant.   They already see the value of what we do.  These certifications allow them to be confident that we can stand up to their requirements and deliver against that promise of value.