This blog is about all things Triumfant and our opportunity to comment on topical issues, market trends, and other items of interest.  We welcome your comments and feedback and invite you to be part of the discussion.

For an overview of Triumfant you can go to the About Triumfant page or visit us at www.triumfant.com. You can also follow us on Twitter on @Triumfant.

The idea for the name “Exceptional Security” comes from the unique technology and capabilities of our product and plays off the multiple definitions of the word “exceptional”.

First, the term “exceptional” is used to convey the thought of “superior”.   Triumfant is certainly a unique and innovative approach to detecting the attacks that other tools cannot.  We think the reliance on prior knowledge by other tools has been a limiting factor, so eliminating that reliance qualifies as “superior”.  The fact that Triumfant returns a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the attack in minutes strengthens that claim.

The second definition of “exceptional” is the term “rare”.  To our knowledge, Triumfant is the only tool that actually builds a remediation for a malicious attack that is specific to that attack on that machine.  The remediation is capable of stopping the attack and repairing all of the collateral damage, eliminating the need to re-image the attacked machine.  Being the only solution with such a feature would qualify as rare.

Finally, the definition for “exceptional” includes the term “deviating from the norm”, which of course is how Triumfant is able to detect such attacks.  Triumfant can see the attacks that evade other solutions because it can accurately detect, analyze, correlates, and assess the risk associated with change.  It is able to determine what changes are anomalous (exceptional) or the changes that deviate from the norm.  This is important based on one fundamental, foundational truth: to maliciously attack a machine, you must change it in some way.  Triumfant is able to use its unique context to learn what is normal in the endpoint population and use that context to assess the risk associated with change, accurately assessing the difference between benign change and anomalous change.

In short, we think Triumfant provide exceptional capabilities through exceptional technology that delivers exceptional benefits.  Given that Triumfant appears to match the definition for “exceptional” exceptionally,  “Exceptional Security” seems like a perfect new name for our blog.



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