About Triumfant

Triumfant provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional endpoint security products through one-of-a-kind software that detects and remediates malware without signatures or any other form of prior knowledge. Triumfant continuously monitors endpoint machines and leverages patented analytics to detect, catalog, correlate, analyze and assess changes to those machines to identify and remediate anomalous, exceptional and potentially malicious activity. This unique approach enables Triumfant to see the malicious activity that evades other defense, continuously enforce security configurations and policies, and provide the deepest repository of endpoint state information available.

As traditional endpoint security tools struggle with declining malware detection rates and the increasing complexity and volume of malicious attacks, Triumfant’s unique approach eliminates the reliance on prior knowledge. As a result, Triumfant sees the constantly evolving attacks such as zero day attacks, rootkits, and the attacks characterized by the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Triumfant’s analytics correlate all of the changes associated with each incident, generating in-depth analysis of each attack and providing the knowledge required to build a situational, contextual remediation that surgically addresses the attack and all of the associated collateral damage. Triumfant’s automated remediation capability effectively takes the attacked machine from infection to remediation in less than five minutes with minimal human interaction (a one-touch confirm) and no requirement to re-image or reboot the machine.

Triumfant also excels at continuously enforcing security configurations and policies, creating a state of persistent security readiness and effectively reducing the attack surface of every machine. Triumfant continually checks every attribute on each machine, detects changes that cause noncompliance, and constructs a remediation to return the machine to compliance. With Triumfant, organizations start every day with every machine properly configured and audit ready.

Eliminating the reliance on prior knowledge means that Triumfant’s analytics can assume nothing and must therefore continuously monitor everything. Consequently, Triumfant collects and monitors more state information about endpoint machines than any other tool on the market, making Triumfant the most comprehensive endpoint sensor grid available. The practical benefit is a wealth of actionable information about the endpoint population such as application inventories, vulnerability assessments and missing patches. Existing integrations readily share this information with numerous security and management tools such as ArcSight to ensure that Triumfant complements and extends the organization’s defenses. Triumfant is fully SCAP enabled for organizations looking to leverage this important standard for communicating security information.

Founded in 2002, Triumfant, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Rockville, MD with engineering facilities in Research Triangle Park, NC. Triumfant serves key markets, including government organizations and commercial enterprises, as well as managed service providers and system integrators. Triumfant (formerly Chorus Systems) is funded by Novak Biddle Venture Partners, Core Capital Partners, Inflection Point Ventures, Anthem Capital Management, MCNC Ventures, and Tri-State Investment Group IV.

Click here to go to the Triumfant Web site.


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