Microsoft About to Ring the Dinner Bell for Hackers, Ending Support for Windows Server 2003: Triumfant Responds

Gartner EventToday, at the annual Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Triumfant announced comprehensive support for endpoint environments running all versions of Windows. Once again Microsoft is about to ring the dinner bell for hackers, deciding to eliminate support for Windows Server 2003 starting in July, an operating system running in more than 60 percent of all businesses.  Good news for Triumfant customers and prospects: The AtomicEye Windows agent is backward compatible, supporting machine populations running Windows 2000 up to Windows 10 launching on July 29, and all versions of the Windows Server.

Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows Server 2003 will impact millions of organizations, exposing security vulnerabilities and making them easy prey for cyber criminals and nation state actors.  As seen by the Sony attack, where unsupported Windows XP systems were still in place, the exploits available to hackers for unpatched operating systems are many. Businesses worldwide run an estimated 23.8 million physical and virtual instances of Windows Server 2003, according to data released by Microsoft in July 2014.  The technology is more prevalent in industries such as health care, utilities and government.  According to a report released by Trend Micro, it’s still used in roughly seven percent of point of sale (POS) systems.

John Prisco, CEO of Triumfant shares: “This represents a huge target surface for cyber criminals.  We’ve assured all of our customers that a new support program in place will protect them as AtomicEye runs smoothly and supports all versions of Windows dating back to Windows 2000.”

Triumfant’s AtomicEye Windows agent provides real-time detection and automatic remediation of advanced malware and other sophisticated attacks occurring in-memory or on a computer hard drive.  To learn more go to or visit us at booth #427, June 8-11 at the Gartner conference.

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